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Warehouse Properties for Sale in Makati


Makati: Experience Flexible and Hassle-free Warehouse Spaces


Makati City, Philippines, in the central business district to the south, is known for its upscale residential buildings, commercial establishments, and green spaces bounded by office spaces. It is home to several landmarks and attractions, including the Ayala Triangle Gardens, a public park with a fountain and light show at night, and the Greenbelt Mall, a premier shopping center with a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.


Other notable places in Makati include the Makati Medical Center, one of the leading hospitals in the country, and the Makati Sports Club, a private recreational club that offers various sports facilities and amenities. The neighborhood is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs in and around the area. It is well-connected to other parts of Metro Manila, with several major roads and public transportation options.


Places to go near Makati City


Makati City, a sought-after neighborhood, offers a plethora of reasons to visit. Delight in an array of cafes and dining options, explore serene parks and recreational facilities, immerse yourself in cultural attractions, and revel in the convenience of its prime locations and diverse accommodation choices. This vibrant locale boasts numerous shopping malls, culinary delights, picturesque parks, captivating museums, and exquisite hotels. Plus, its accessibility via public transportation and proximity to other popular areas in Makati City further enhance its allure.




Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of history and culture that this city boasts. Explore the captivating charm of Intramuros, the alluring historic core of Manila, situated 9 kilometers away in Makati City. And don't forget to pay your respects at Rizal Park, a remarkable tribute to the revered national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.




This city proudly boasts Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City a thriving financial and lifestyle district adorned with luxurious shopping malls, exquisite restaurants, and captivating art installations, just 13 mins away from Makati City.




Here, just 4 kilometers away from Makati City, you can visit the SM Mall of Asia, one of the largest shopping malls worldwide, or explore the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, a hub of Filipino arts and culture. Don't miss the opportunity to check out the Pasay warehouse for sale nearby!




Ortigas Center, a commercial and business district, is located in this city. Just 8 kilometers away from Pasig City, you can also enjoy a relaxing day at the Pasig Rainforest Park or shop for local goods at Tiendesitas. Don't forget, there's also a warehouse for sale in this location.


Why Operate Businesses in Makati City? 


Makati is great for businesses because of its strategic position, business-friendly environment, access to talent, modern amenities, and lifestyle benefits. There are many different kinds of commercial buildings in 's business area, from office spaces to serviced offices. The local government also helps businesses grow and progress by offering various programs and tax breaks. Here are some specific things that make  an excellent business place:


Strategic location


When buying commercial buildings in Makati is right in the middle of Makati's central business area. It makes getting to and from public transportation and major roads easy. It is also close to other business centers offering serviced office properties for rent - Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and Mandaluyong City, making it easy for workers and clients to get there.


Business-friendly environment


Makati's local government helps local businesses by offering several programs, tax breaks, and other perks. Because of this, many local and foreign companies have moved to this vibrant and active business community.


Diverse business opportunities


Many local and foreign businesses are in Makati City from big companies to small startups. This makes for a business setting with many different types of people, which can lead to opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.


High quality of life


The place provides many amenities, it is near commercial areas including shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational spots. This can be attractive to businesses that prioritize the well-being of their employees, as it provides a comfortable and convenient lifestyle that can improve work-life balance.


Where to Buy Warehouse Properties in Makati City?


Brgy. San Isidro 


Barangay San Isidro is a strategic location for warehouse properties in Makati City. It's well-placed within the city's commercial hub, making it an ideal spot for businesses that require storage and distribution facilities. The barangay's proximity to major roads and thoroughfares means that transportation and logistics would be significantly simplified. This accessibility can lead to more efficient operations and potentially lower transportation costs. Barangay San Isidro is known for its vibrant business environment. Setting up a warehouse in this area means being close to potential clients and suppliers, which could lead to more business opportunities.


Brgy. Santa Cruz


Barangay Santa Cruz in Makati City is a bustling area known for its blend of commercial and residential spaces. It's an excellent location for businesses looking for warehouse properties due to its accessibility and dynamic environment. Being situated in the heart of the city, warehouses in Barangay Santa Cruz can benefit from the area's robust infrastructure and transportation networks. This can potentially streamline logistics and distribution processes, making business operations more efficient. The barangay's vibrant commercial scene also means that businesses can tap into a diverse market. Whether it's suppliers, clients, or potential partners, having a warehouse in Barangay Santa Cruz places you right in the thick of things.


Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Warehouse Properties in Makati City


How to get to Makati City?


Makati City, located in Metro Manila, Philippines, is easily accessible through various modes of transportation. If you're arriving by air, the closest airport to Makati City is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Pasay City. From the airport, you can take a taxi, Grab (a popular ride-hailing app in the Philippines), or an airport shuttle to reach Makati City. For those already in Metro Manila, you can reach Makati City by bus, jeepney, or train. The city is served by several major roads, including EDSA, South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), and Osmeña Highway. If you're taking public transportation, the MRT-3 (Metro Rail Transit System Line 3) has stations along EDSA that are close to Makati City such as Ayala and Buendia Stations. Moreover, Makati City also has an extensive network of city buses and jeepneys that provide transportation within the city. Makati's Central Business District is pedestrian-friendly, so getting around on foot is also an option.


How much does it cost to operate in Makati City?


There are two warehouses for sale in Makati. The average price for a warehouse property for sale in this location is Php 79,500,000 per unit. The most expensive sales price for a commercial property here costs about Php 130,000,000 while the most affordable sales price is about Php 29,000,000.


Is it safe to operate in Makati City?


Makati City is generally considered a safe area. It is one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Makati, with many high-end residential and commercial establishments. The area is well-lit and is often patrolled by security personnel and CCTV cameras making it a relatively safe place to walk around, even at night, with the best to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings to ensure your safety.

How much is a warehouse for sale in Makati?

In total, there are 6 warehouse for sale in Makati. The average price for a commercial property for sale in this location is ₱26,792,836 per unit. The most expensive sales price for a commercial property here costs about ₱130,000,000 while the most affordable sales price is about ₱300,000.

You may find the most expensive and luxurious warehouse for sale in Makati at Brgy. San Isidro, Brgy. Santa Cruz and Brgy. Palanan. While you can find classy yet affordable ones also at the same location.

Below are the average sales prices according to the property conditions in this location.

Property Conditions Average Floor Area/SQM Average Sales Price
As is where is 991sqm ₱26,792,836

These properties are fully equipped with the following amenities and unit features:

  • Parking Space