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Commercial Properties for Rent in Caloocan 


Caloocan: Navigating your next business destination in Metro Manila


Caloocan once was one big city situated in the northernmost part of Metro Manila. It was divided into 2 sections North and South Caloocan to make way for Quezon City. Today, Caloocan prides itself on being the motorcycle capital of the Philippines and its flourishing public transport system. One of those is the Light Rail Transit-1 which is currently under development to reach the furthest points of the Metro. With this in mind, it is one of the reasons why the commercial properties for rent in Caloocan are one of the most sought locations in the National Capital Region (NCR). Its position along interconnecting roads and public transportation routes makes it worthy for startups and businesses to thrive.


Places to visit in Caloocan


Acquiring an office rental in Caloocan is a wonder for one thing: hangout destinations. The commercial properties in the city are within the vicinity of high-end malls, restaurants, and even iconic tourist hotspots. The following are some of the few places you can check out in the city: 


Thai To Taoist Temple


The Thai To Taoist Temple is a notable landmark located in Caloocan City. This century-old temple holds significance as a testament to the thriving Chinese community in the area. Situated near the 5th Avenue LRT Station, the temple's pagoda stands tall and attracts visitors with its imposing presence. Although the temple remains unfinished, it still holds a captivating charm for visitors. Within the temple compound, there is a smaller structure where people can explore or spend time in quiet contemplation within the intricate garden design beside the main temple. 


SM Center Sangandaan 


SM Sangandaan is a bustling shopping mall destination in the city. This modern retail destination offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for visitors of all ages. As you step into SM Center Sangandaan, you'll be greeted by a vibrant and spacious interior, designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience. The mall features multiple levels filled with various retail stores, ranging from popular fashion brands to electronics, home goods, and more. 

Aside from shopping, SM Center Sangandaan also offers a diverse selection of dining options. From fast food chains to casual eateries and specialty restaurants, there's something to satisfy every craving. For entertainment, SM Center Sangandaan features a cinema where you can catch the latest blockbuster movies. It's a perfect spot for a fun-filled movie night with friends or family. Additionally, the mall occasionally hosts exciting events and activities, providing additional entertainment options for visitors.


Bonifacio Monument 


Bonifacio Monument is the center of Caloocan City. The monument signifies the combined efforts of the Filipino People and the Katipunan led by Andres Bonifacio to strive and fight for independence against Spain. The landmark was designed and made by Guillermo Tolentino in time for the 70th Birth Anniversary of Bonifacio. It depicts Bonifacio holding a bolo or a machete on his right hand and a gun on the other. A flag can be seen behind him and several key figures are with him such as Emilio Jacinto and the 3 priests who were martyred during the Cavite Mutiny namely  Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora. And above it all is an angel of peace meaning the success of the movement. The Bonifacio Monument is a long-lasting reminder of iconic Filipinos like Bonifacio who fought for peace, freedom, and independence with all his might and his movement that resulted in the freedom we now have today.


The presence of popular landmarks, modern shopping malls, and access to public transportation are just some of the reasons why Caloocan is a promising location for businesses. With its strategic location and thriving economy, it's no surprise that more and more commercial properties are being built in the city. From office spaces to retail establishments, Caloocan offers a diverse range of options for businesses looking to establish their presence in the city.


Why choose Caloocan for your business? 


Renting an office space in Caloocan is a great investment due to its position in the region. Here are the advantages of acquiring a commercial property in the city:


Mobility in and out of the city


Caloocan is filled with avenues, highways, and expressways that cater to everyone. These roads can be beneficial for someone who wants to establish a presence in Caloocan. Major routes around the city include Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), Metro Manila Skyway,  and North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). These roads connect Caloocan around Metro Manila and nearby provinces. In terms of public transportation, there are designated bus stops, transport terminals, jeepneys, UV Express, and taxis. If you want a cheap and fast alternative there is the LRT-1 which extends from Quezon City to Pasay City. With the ongoing developments, it can now reach Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Las Piñas City, and the Province of Cavite. 


Affordable commercial property rates


Compared to other business districts in Metro Manila like the ones in Quezon City and Mandaluyong, Caloocan offers affordable rental rates for commercial properties. This makes it an attractive option for startups and small businesses looking to minimize costs while still having access to a thriving market. With its growing economy, Caloocan is also becoming a popular choice for larger corporations and established businesses looking to expand their reach in the region.


Energetic and lively setting


An office at the center of an attractive ambiance is a huge perk for someone who wants to jumpstart a business. Caloocan is surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and tourist destinations that anyone can explore. There are also vibrant nightlife ideal for friends and colleagues to chill after spending a whole day at work. 


Caloocan City offers a dynamic blend of historical landmarks, modern amenities, and promising business opportunities. Efficient mobility and productivity are one of the key factors of a profitable venture. In Caloocan, business owners can seize opportunity now that soon it will have a direct link to the airport that will give even more access to foreign clients and investors. 


Where to rent a commercial property in Caloocan? 


Caloocan has numerous locations on where to find your next office space. But one of the most famous ones is in Grace Park East. Grace Park East is where the Caloocan City Hall is located; its proximity to major commercial establishments makes it convenient to conduct and process business permits and requirements. Financial institutions are also within reach which not only helps businesses with their banking needs but also attracts financial professionals and clients to the area. The Panorama Building in the district is complete with facilities and amenities for various businesses. The office is also located along Rizal Avenue which connects the roundabout linking major roads like EDSA, Samson Road, and McArthur Highway. 


Choosing an office space in Caloocan isn't just about leasing a property; it's a strategic decision to be at the heart of a thriving business environment. As you consider renting an office property in Caloocan, envision a workspace that not only meets your functional needs but also places your business at the crossroads of opportunity. From the vibrant local business community to the accessibility of key amenities, Caloocan offers more than just office spaces—it provides a platform for growth, collaboration, and success. Seize the chance to establish your business presence in Caloocan, where every office lease is an investment in a dynamic and evolving commercial landscape.

How much is a commercial properties for rent in Caloocan?

In total, there are 7 commercial properties for rent in Caloocan. The average price for a commercial property for rent in this location is ₱35,512 per month. The most expensive rental for a commercial property here costs about ₱245,000 while the most affordable rental price is about ₱125.

You may find the most expensive and luxurious commercial properties for rent in Caloocan at East Grace Park. While you can find classy yet affordable ones also at the same location.

These properties are fully equipped with the following amenities and unit features:

  • 24 Hour Aircon
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Elevators
  • Function Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Parking Space
  • With Improvements