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residential properties for sale in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa

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Fully Furnished 4-Bedroom Timeless House for Sale in Las Piñas Updated Mar 31, 2021
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  • 4
  • Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa
Unfurnished 4Bedroom House for sale in Muntinlupa City Updated Oct 24, 2023
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  • 6
  • Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa
Luxurious house for sale at Las Piñas Updated Apr 26, 2023
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  • 5
  • Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa
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  • 6
  • Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa

Residential Properties for Sale in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa


Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa: Discover the Beauty and Comfort of Your Next Home


Ayala Southvale Village Sonera is a premier and one of the upscale residential community in Muntinlupa, Philippines. Developed by Ayala Land, Inc., this neighborhood features luxurious homes set among lush landscaped gardens and a picturesque lake. The closest neighboring cities include Las Pinas City and Paranaque City. With top-notch amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and children's play area, Ayala Southvale Village Sonera is ideal for those looking to enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle in a tranquil and secure environment. The nearest neighborhoods to Ayala Southvale Village Sonera are Alabang Hills Village and Portofino Heights, high-end residential communities in Muntinlupa City, Philippines.


Places to go near Muntinlupa 


Muntinlupa is primarily a business area and a center of residential properties, with many houses and lots. Still, it is known for the many places, shops, and restaurants serving the workers and people there. Here are some places to go near Muntinlupa City that are more geared toward tourists and offer a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices.


Festival Alabang


Festival Alabang is a large shopping mall in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, that offers over 700 stores with famous fashion brands, electronics, appliances, and various specialty stores. It features a modern cinema complex, making it the perfect location for a night out with friends or family. The food courts and restaurants provide extensive choices for fast food chains, Filipino cuisine, Japanese, Chinese, Western, and other specialties. The mall also offers live performances, exhibitions, workshops, and competitions, making it ideal to live in the residential district of Alabang, Muntinlupa, such as Pacific Village, accessible through various public transportation hubs and ample parking spaces for private vehicles. Festival Alabang is a one-stop destination for anyone seeking a fun-filled day of shopping, dining, and entertainment. 


The Palms Country Club 


One of the premier country clubs in the Philippines, located in Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, is 10-15 minutes away from Katarungan Village. It has a championship golf course, beautiful views, and world-class sports, dining, and relaxation facilities. The club offers tennis, basketball, swimming, and a fitness gym. Multiple dining options are available, ranging from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants, serving a variety of cuisines, including Asian, European, and Filipino. Escape to luxury and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of Muntinlupa.


Parks and Open Spaces   


Muntinlupa City, Philippines, has multiple parks that allow visitors to relax, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. These include Mundoc River Park, Spectrum Linear Park, Filinvest City Central Park, Filinvest Axis Garden Park, MBP Open Area, Everest Hills Memorial Park, Water Garden Filinvest Mall Alabang, and Filinvest MTB Trail. These parks are accessible if you live in the houses for sale in Filinvest Alabang, which offer various activities, such as jogging paths, playgrounds, bike rentals, and live performances, allowing visitors to choose their preferred activities. Muntinlupa has plenty to offer for those looking to enjoy nature and the outdoors.


Museo ng Muntinlupa


Museo ng Muntinlupa is a museum in Muntinlupa City showcasing the city's history and culture through a vast collection of exhibits. The museum features pre-colonial artifacts, antique furniture, old photographs of notable figures and landmarks, and contemporary art pieces from local artists. It also hosts temporary exhibits and events throughout the year, making it an educational and engaging destination for all ages. There are also houses around 10-15 minutes away in the residential properties of Putatan, and Tunasan Museo ng Muntinlupa offers a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about the city's heritage and culture. 


Why Live in Muntinlupa?


Muntinlupa is a great place to live because it is in a good location, is easy to get to, and has many residential buildings. It is also a well-planned and developed area with modern facilities and infrastructure that can meet the needs of everyone. The site is also known for being safe and secure, which makes it an excellent place to buy residential houses. 


Luxurious properties


Ayala Southvale Village Sonera is home to an array of extraordinary properties that will captivate you. From stunning mansions to delightful townhouses, these homes are built to offer the ultimate comfort and luxury, just like the neighborhood of Alabang West Village. Step into a world of plush living, where each home is meticulously crafted with intricate attention to detail, providing a lifestyle of elegance and sophistication. Whether you're looking for ample space or a cozy nook, there's something for everyone in this idyllic community. 


Excellent amenities


Residents of all ages can enjoy many amenities in the community, such as swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, walking trails, and a clubhouse - each thoughtfully designed to cater to their diverse needs and interests.

It’s not just specific age groups who can enjoy various amenities within the community. There's something for everyone! Whether you're a child who loves to swim, a teenager who enjoys playing basketball, or an adult who likes to take a leisurely walk, our community has it all. 


Cultural heritage


Muntinlupa City has a plethora of cultural landmarks and heritage sites to offer, serving as a testament to the area's rich history. The iconic Alabang Church and Muntinlupa City Hall are just two examples. To fully experience the local culture, the residents can participate in numerous cultural celebrations yearly. Additionally, exploring the background and history of the city is an immersive way to discover all the hidden gems that Muntinlupa has to offer.


Prime location


If you're looking for comfort and convenience, look no further than this prime development in Muntinlupa, Philippines! This bustling city boasts many shops, restaurants, and hospitals - everything you'll need is just a stone's throw away.

What sets this development apart is the unparalleled amenities you can enjoy. From luxurious swimming pools to state-of-the-art fitness centers, it's the perfect place to come home and relax after a long day. So why wait? Experience the best of urban living at this prime development in Muntinlupa!


Where to Buy Residential Property in Muntinlupa?


Ayala Southvale Village Sonera


Ayala Southvale Village Sonera is different from your average residential community. This luxurious development in the heart of Muntinlupa, Philippines, offers unparalleled living experiences to those seeking comfort and security. One of the standout features of this community is its spacious and opulent properties, from sprawling mansions to cozy townhouses, a home that suits every taste. And the well-maintained streets and lush greenery add to the neighborhood's overall charm, making it a delight to stroll, jog or bike around.

But the beauty of Ayala Southvale Village Sonera doesn't stop at its homes and surroundings. The development boasts excellent amenities that cater to the needs and interests of residents of all ages. From swimming pools, basketball, and tennis courts to playgrounds, walking trails, and a clubhouse, there's never a dull moment in this vibrant community. Being located in a prime location doesn't hurt, either. Ayala Southvale Village Sonera is close to various shops, restaurants, hospitals, and other establishments, making it a highly sought-after address for many. This community has everything you need for a peaceful, comfortable, and enjoyable life.


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Residential Property in Muntinlupa


How to get to Ayala Southvale Village Sonera?


To get to Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, follow a few simple steps. First, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit at the Muntinlupa tollgate. Second, turn onto Commerce Avenue and drive straight until you reach Alabang-Zapote Road. Once you are on Alabang-Zapote Road, turn left and go until you get to the entrance of Ayala Alabang Village. As you enter Ayala Alabang Village, follow the road until you turn left to Ayala Southvale Village Sonera. From there, drive straight into the village. It is essential to have proper identification and clearance forms as Ayala Southvale Village Sonera is a private gated community.


How much does it cost to live in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera?


Four residential properties are for sale in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa. In this area, the average price for a residential property for sale in this location is Php 72,500,000 per unit. The most expensive sales price for residential property here costs about Php 90,000,000, while the most affordable sales price is about Php 65,000,000.


Is Ayala Southvale Village Sonera Safe?


Muntinlupa has become a secure destination for residents, visitors, and business owners, significantly strengthening its security measures. The city is equipped with 24/7 police patrols alongside CCTV surveillance systems placed strategically around key locations. Additionally, the local government disaster management plans provide business owners peace of mind that their operations are conducted safely in this thriving hub.

How much is a residential properties for sale in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa?

In total, there are 4 residential properties for sale in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa. The average price for a residential property for sale in this location is ₱72,500,000 per unit. The most expensive sales price for a residential property here costs about ₱90,000,000 while the most affordable sales price is about ₱65,000,000.

You may find the most expensive and luxurious residential properties for sale in Ayala Southvale Village Sonera, Muntinlupa. While you can find classy yet affordable ones also at the same location.

These properties are fully equipped with the following amenities and unit features:

  • Air conditioning
  • Attic
  • Balcony
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Driver's room
  • Drying Area
  • Flex
  • Garden
  • Laundry Area
  • Maid's room
  • Parking Space
  • Pet Friendly
  • Swimming Pool