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commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue, Makati

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Commercial Properties for Sale in Buendia Avenue, Makati


Explore the Possibilities in Buendia Avenue


Makati is one of the prominent cities in the country. The Makati Central Business District, well-known for being the headquarters of numerous corporations and financial institutions, the business center also linked the country to the World Market which earned the city its title the Financial Capital of the Philippines. A booming business district will not achieve economic progress without major thoroughfares that act as a connection between cities and that includes Buendia Avenue. The avenue was named Nicolas Buendia, a member of Katipunan (an organization who fought for liberty against Spain) and a senator that served from 1941 to 1945. Today, Buendia Avenue also known as Gil Puyat Avenue is an arterial thoroughfare that is stretching between the cities of Pasay and Makati. The person who wants to start a company in Makati can find the finest commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue. 


Places to visit near Buendia Avenue


Buendia Avenue is in close proximity to major developments and various restaurants which are great for friends and coworkers to hangout after a long day at work. Here are the places you can explore near Buendia:


Century City


Century City is a mixed-use development situated in Barangay Poblacion. Standing at its center is the Century City Mall,a flagship shopping center with hundreds of shops, restaurants, and state-of-the-art cinema theaters. The development also has its own hospital named Centuria Medical Makati, that provides high-quality medical service surrounded by luxurious condominiums and high-end commercial properties in the area. 


Rockwell Center


Developed in 1995, Rockwell Center is one of the iconic developments in Makati. Rockwell Center is a residential and commercial development with the famous Power Plant Mall at its core. The residents and working professionals in Buendia Avenue can shop and have a taste of fine dining just a drive away from the office. Power Plant Mall also has a 5-star cinema theater equipped with the latest audio system and reclining chair that enhances the viewing experience.


Ayala Center 


A major commercial development at the heart of the business district, Ayala Center is one of the famous developments in Makati. Ayala Center is encircled by shopping centers such as SM Makati, Landmark, Glorietta, and Greenbelt. The development also has its own museum namely, the Ayala Museum. The museum houses a wide array of collections ranging from relics and antiquities from the Pre-Hispanic Period to Modern Art. Ayala Center also has 3 parks and nearby Ayala Station of MRT-3 that offer cheap and fast transportation in and out of the city.


Ayala Triangle Gardens 


The 2-hectare urban park stands as a safe haven from the bustling streets of Makati. Ayala Triangle Gardens is filled with lushful trees, landscaped gardens, open lawns, and walkways. It is an ideal spot to have morning exercise, family picnics, yoga, and other recreational activities. The highlight of Ayala Triangle is the Festival of Lights. Guests can see the whole garden and landscape lit up accompanied by Christmas songs that match the holiday season. 

Acquiring a commercial property for sale in Buendia Avenue is an advantage. The office is located at the center of a lively community that will increase morale and productivity of the workforce. 


Why do business in Buendia Avenue? 


As stated earlier, Buendia Avenue is passing through Makati all the way to Pasay City. Here are the reasons why buying commercial property in Buendia is a worthy investment:


Accessible to public transportation and pedestrian-friendly infrastructures


The commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue are nearby bus stops and train stations such as Buendia and Ayala Stations to cater the needs of the everyday commuter. There are also pedestrian-friendly infrastructures around Makati Central Business District and that includes Buendia Avenue. Pedestrians will not worry about walking around the avenue because there are spacious sidewalks, underpasses, and footbridges to ensure their safety going to work or heading home. 


Open to opportunities from different avenues


Buendia Avenue is encircled by criss-crossing roadways that link cities and other business centers. It is just minutes away from Ortigas Center and Bonifacio Global City in Taguig which makes purchasing commercial property for sale in Buendia Avenue a great asset. 


Surrounded by hangout sites and fine dining restaurants


Buendia Avenue is filled with numerous relaxation and recreation sites. The office near hangout sites will strengthen the bond as coworkers within the workspace, that will go beyond familiarity. There are malls within the vicinity of the office space such as Century City Mall and Power Plant Mall. Restaurants can also be seen in the area including Yayoi Japanese Restaurant, Muhan Samgyupsal, and Italianni's Restaurant. 

The person who bought a commercial property for sale in Buendia Avenue can expect both increase in productivity and accessibility. The offices are close to the key establishments and landmarks of the city that offer convenience to everyone working in Makati. 


Where to buy a commercial property in Buendia Avenue?


Now that you have already finished surveying the area. As a business owner, you should now pick a commercial property that is for sale in Buendia Avenue. The office space needs to be in a prime location that will give an advantage for the company to grow and at the same time accessible for employees, clients, and investors. 

Buendia Avenue has top-notch commercial properties for sale namely The World Centre, Burgundy Corporate Tower, and Philippine AXA Life Centre. The person who is working in the avenue can easily access different modes of transportation to meet with a client in a different city or in another business district. The advantages of interlinking roadways is that it also passess through numerous hangout sites such as parks, malls, restaurants, and museums that are perfect destinations to hangout with friends and colleagues during the weekends. 


The commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue is a worthy investment. The office spaces are situated in a prime location to start a business from the ground-up. Buendia Avenue has everything you will ever need. It is surrounded by an efficient transportation network which makes moving around Makati and intercity travel easy.  There are also major commercial developments, fine dining restaurants, luxurious condominiums, and high-end malls all minutes away from the workplace. 

How much is a commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue, Makati?

In total, there are 12 commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue, Makati. The average price for a commercial property for sale in this location is ₱48,123,493 per unit. The most expensive sales price for a commercial property here costs about ₱150,208,800 while the most affordable sales price is about ₱111,111.

You may find the most expensive and luxurious commercial properties for sale in Buendia Avenue, Makati at The World Centre. While you can find classy yet affordable ones at Burgundy Corporate Tower.

These properties are fully equipped with the following amenities and unit features:

  • 24 Hour Aircon
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Cafeteria / Food Court
  • Centralized Aircon
  • Elevators
  • Executive Restroom
  • Parking Space