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commercial properties for sale in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati

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Office space for SALE/RENT in Makati Updated Feb 03, 2021
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Bare shell Office space for SALE/RENT in Makati Updated Feb 03, 2021
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Office space for SALE/RENT in Makati Updated Feb 03, 2021
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Commercial Property for Sale in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati


Brgy. Poblacion: Unmatched Work-Life Balance in Makati City


Offering a vibrant environment for businesses, Brgy. Poblacion is in the northeast of the Makati City Central Business District. Known for its rich cultural atmosphere and hipster bars, cafes, and restaurants, Brgy. Poblacion has different cuisines for everyone's taste. It is home to well-known commercial centers like Rockwell Center and Century City - making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a prime location to operate in the commercial district of Makati City.


Catering to a dynamic community of young professionals, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, Poblacion offers a varied selection of commercial properties for sale, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking Makati office space. One of the biggest advantages of Poblacion is easy access to the transportation network. It's well-connected with Makati's CBD, making it a convenient location for commuters with various modes of local transport options available, such as MRT, jeepneys, and buses. It has a population of 16,706, and a friendly, supportive culture, thus making it truly a "creative hub" for Makati City's business district.


Places to go near Brgy. Poblacion, Makati


Several places of interest are near the commercial properties for sale in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati. Here are four notable locations that offer a diverse range of dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences:


Salcedo Village


The commercial district of Salcedo Village, which is close to Brgy. Poblacion is a lively Makati City neighborhood lauded for its diverse selection of restaurants and bars. The Salcedo Saturday Market, which provides a wide variety of local and international food options, as well as, artisanal goods and fresh produce, is a well-liked attraction. It's an ideal location for discovering and indulging in delicious cuisine.


Ayala Triangle Gardens


Ayala Triangle Gardens in the center of the commercial districts of Ayala Avenue, Makati Avenue, and Paseo de Roxas Avenue is an enormous urban park in Makati City. It's a spot to get away from the city and appreciate some nature. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing and culturally enlightening experience at the park, which frequently hosts art installations and cultural events.


Greenbelt Mall


Retail stores, dining establishments, cafes, and bars can be found at Greenbelt Mall in the commercial district of Legaspi Village, a premier shopping and entertainment destination. It is renowned for its exquisitely designed gardens, al fresco dining options, and high-end fashion labels. For dining, shopping, and socializing, Greenbelt Mall is a well-liked destination that both locals and tourists enjoy.


Ayala Museum


For those interested in exploring the cultural heritage of Makati City, Ayala Museum near office towers along Makati Avenue is a must-visit destination. It presents a broad assortment of artwork, historical relics, and hands-on exhibits that highlight the rich history and culture of the Philippines. Visitors have the chance to interact with the regional arts and culture scene at the museum through a variety of events, lectures, and workshops.


The commercial properties in Poblacion are close to these four points of interest. Brgy. Poblacion provides a variety of dining establishments, entertainment options, and cultural opportunities. These places offer plenty of attractions to explore and enhance your experience in Makati City, whether you're looking to indulge in a delectable meal, unwind in a peaceful park, shop at upscale boutiques, or immerse yourself in the local arts and history.


Why Operate Businesses at Brgy. Poblacion, Makati?


Operating businesses in Brgy. Poblacion Makati offers several benefits beyond its location, safety, and convenience. Here are four additional reasons to invest in commercial properties in the area:


Vibrant and Trendy Environment


Brgy. Poblacion is a well-liked destination for locals and tourists due to its hip and lively atmosphere. Hipster bars, cafes, and restaurants abound in the area, fostering a buzzing and energetic atmosphere. By running a business in an office space in Poblacion, you can take advantage of the hip and young demographic, bringing in clients and staying one step ahead of the competition.


Cultural and Artistic Hub


With so many art galleries, music venues, and cultural events, Poblacion is frequently referred to as Makati's "creative hub." Businesses can join Poblacion's thriving arts and cultural scene by investing in commercial real estate. Due to the prospects of collaboration, exposure, and inspiration, this can be especially advantageous for businesses in the creative industries. 


Growing Tourism and Hospitality Sector


Brgy. Poblacion is a popular destination for tourists seeking an authentic urban experience. Its lively nightlife, diverse culinary scene, and unique entertainment options attract visitors from both domestic and international markets. By investing in commercial properties in Poblacion, businesses can cater to the growing tourism and hospitality sectors, such as hotels, hostels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, capitalizing on the influx of visitors and generating substantial revenue.


Potential for High Returns on Investment


Real estate investments in Brgy. Poblacion has shown the potential for high returns on investment. The district's popularity and continuous development have driven property values upward over time. By purchasing commercial properties in Poblacion, you can benefit from capital appreciation and rental income. Additionally, the demand for commercial spaces in the area remains strong, ensuring a steady stream of potential tenants or buyers for your investment property.


Beyond its location, safety, and convenience, Brgy. Poblacion in Makati City offers a vibrant environment, a thriving arts and cultural scene, opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sectors, and the potential for high returns on investment. These factors make Poblacion an attractive choice for businesses and real estate investors looking to establish a presence in a dynamic and evolving district.


Where to buy a commercial property in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati?


MRJ Corporate Center


A well-known high-rise building constructed by Marajo Group, the MRJ Corporate Center is situated in Barangay Poblacion, Makati City. Standing tall at an estimated height of 52 meters, this 17-floor establishment is one of Marajo Group's notable projects in Metro Manila. The real estate developer is known for its other successful developments such as Salcedo Towers offering office spaces in Salcedo Village, Nol Tower at Madrigal Business Park in the commercial district of Alabang, Muntinlupa, Libran House in Legaspi Village, and Marajo Tower in Fort Bonifacio Global City.


The MRJ Corporate Center is a highly desirable office building, not only due to its location in the vibrant and trendy area of Poblacion, Makati but also because of its exceptional amenities. It boasts features such as a centralized air conditioning system, a comprehensive CCTV security system, a 5-passenger elevator, ample parking spaces, a facade maintenance system, a background music and paging system, a 100% emergency power backup generator, and a fire protection system.


One of the outstanding aspects of MRJ Corporate Center is its offer of bare-shell office spaces for sale. These units provide new owners with the opportunity to customize and design their workspace according to their specific requirements and brand identity. The large office spaces available for sale have a total size of 700 square meters, making them ideal for companies seeking to expand or establish a presence in Makati. MRJ Corporate Center presents itself as an optimal location to situate your business.


Located at 954 JP Rizal Avenue, corner of Gomez Street, Poblacion, Makati City, the MRJ Corporate Center encompasses both commercial and office spaces, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a prime location in Makati.


Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Commercial Property in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati


How to get to Brgy. Poblacion, Makati? 


Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), the main thoroughfare in Metro Manila, connects to Poblacion, Makati. It connects to other important thoroughfares and commercial areas like JP Rizal Avenue and Ayala Avenue. These roads facilitate travel to and from the area. Several bus and jeepney routes pass through the district. For those who use public transportation, Poblacion, Makati, is a convenient location.


How much does it cost to operate in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati?


Barangay Poblacion in Makati is a sought-after area to buy commercial properties, with an average price of Php 196,000,000 per unit. Keep in mind that prices depend on various factors such as size, location, features, and condition of the property. 


Is Brgy. Poblacion, Makati safe?


Barangay Poblacion in Makati City is the perfect location for businesses looking for a safe, vibrant, and convenient environment. With a low crime rate, business owners can rest easy knowing that their establishment and employees are secure. But safety is not the only selling point. Poblacion has quickly become a hotspot for dining, entertainment, and nightlife due to its trendy array of restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutique hotels that cater to the diverse tastes of the public. With its prime location, business and pleasure are seamlessly intertwined in Barangay Poblacion, providing an unmatched work-life balance.


Overall, the commercial district of Brgy Poblacion in Makati City offers a prime location for businesses, with its central position, diverse amenities, and thriving atmosphere. Whether it's for retail, office spaces, or other commercial ventures, Poblacion presents ample opportunities for businesses to flourish and cater to the dynamic needs of the local and visiting population.

How much is a commercial properties for sale in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati?

In total, there are 5 commercial properties for sale in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati. The average price for a commercial property for sale in this location is ₱450,600,000 per unit. The most expensive sales price for a commercial property here costs about ₱1,600,000,000 while the most affordable sales price is about ₱65,000,000.

You may find the most expensive and luxurious commercial properties for sale in Brgy. Poblacion, Makati at MRJ Corporate Center. While you can find classy yet affordable ones also at the same location.

These properties are fully equipped with the following amenities and unit features:

  • 24 Hour Aircon
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Brand New
  • Centralized Aircon
  • Elevators
  • Parking Space