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commercial properties for rent in Addition Hills, San Juan

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Building for lease in San Juan City Updated Mar 30, 2021
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Building for lease in San Juan City Updated Feb 07, 2020
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Commercial Properties for Rent in Addition Hills, San Juan City


Addition Hills, San Juan City: Paving the Way for the Future of Your Business


Addition Hills, San Juan City, a small yet bustling city in Metro Manila, is surrounded by several other cities contributing to its dynamic atmosphere. Mandaluyong City lies to the east of San Juan, known for its vibrant neighborhoods and commercial centers. Quezon City, situated to its north, boasts a rich cultural heritage with its numerous museums and art galleries. Manila, found to the west, is the capital and heart of the Philippines, offering a mix of history and modernity. To the southeast of San Juan is Pasig City, known for its scenic riverside views and vibrant nightlife. San Juan itself is renowned for its shopping centers, entertainment venues, and historical landmarks. The Greenhills Shopping Center, one of the most popular destinations, goes beyond your typical shopping experience, providing a plethora of retail shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cinemas. The Wilson Street food hub is a must-visit for a delectable culinary adventure, offering diverse dining options to satisfy every palate.


Moreover, San Juan takes pride in its historical landmarks, showcasing its rich past. The Pinaglabanan Shrine stands as a symbol of heroism and Filipino resilience, commemorating the Battle of San Juan del Monte. The Santuario del Santo Cristo, a special place of worship, holds significant cultural and religious importance to the city's residents. With its vibrant atmosphere, accessibility, and unique blend of history, culture, and modern conveniences, San Juan offers an exceptional experience for both locals and visitors alike. Discover the charm of this city that truly captures the essence of the Philippines.


Places to go near Addition Hills, San Juan City


is an exciting destination full of attractions, landmarks, and institutions, making it a must-see in the city. Those looking for nightlife entertainment will find plenty to do with its high-end bars and restaurants offering different cuisines spanning Filipino, Japanese, and Korean. Shopping centers are also at hand and you should visit the dining options available within this vibrant district.


Ortigas Center 


From Ortigas Center, you can visit the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which showcases a blend of Asian and European architecture and offers a serene environment amidst the city's hustle. Greenfield District is another nearby spot that hosts open-air markets and events.




Traveling from Greenhills to Addition Hills, you could stop by the Greenhills Shopping Center, known for its wide array of bargain finds, from clothing to electronics. The Santuario de San Jose, a peaceful church known for its beautiful stained glass artwork, is also on the way.


The Podium


features a variety of retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a top destination for locals and tourists. The mall's modern design and spaciousness provide a comfortable shopping experience. Some popular stores in The Podium include H&M, Uniqlo, and Nike. In terms of dining, there are several options to choose from, including international cuisine and fast food chains. 


Shaw Boulevard


On your way from Shaw Boulevard to Addition Hills, you can drop by the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, one of the oldest golf clubs in the Philippines. Another interesting place is the S&R Membership Shopping which offers a variety of imported goods.


Why Operate Businesses in Addition Hills, San Juan City?


As the city's economy grows, so do the opportunities for businesses. The diverse and sizable population of this area offers entrepreneurs the chance to expand their market reach. San Juan City, in particular, is a prime location for businesses seeking growth in this flourishing industry. Discover how your business can become a part of the exciting development happening in this vibrant city.


Strategic Location


Situated strategically at the heart of Metro Manila, San Juan emerges as a thriving business hub. With convenient access through major highways and a robust transport network, this location brings advantages to businesses while offering convenience for customers, employees, and suppliers, facilitating seamless travel to and from San Juan.


Growing Economy


San Juan has a vibrant and diverse economy, with flourishing residential, commercial, and industrial zones, offering ample opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper. The city has recently experienced a surge in investor interest, showcasing its strong economic growth.


Supportive local government


The San Juan business community is fortunate to have a local government that provides strong support. Businesses can take advantage of a wide range of incentives and programs to thrive and succeed. The registration process is streamlined, and the commercial atmosphere is incredibly inviting.


Vibrant culture and community


With a diverse culture and vibrant community, San Juan is a compelling destination for businesses looking to tap into its rich offerings. Boasting a storied past, an eclectic culinary scene, and distinct shopping experiences, this market provides an opportunity for companies to establish a presence and cater to the needs of the local community. Seize the advantages by operating in San Juan, an area teeming with life and countless benefits.


Where to Rent a Commercial Property in Addition Hills, San Juan City?


Delta Center


Delta Center, located in the heart of Quezon City, is a commercial property that stands out for its exceptional features and advantages. With its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities, it offers a wide array of spaces tailored to accommodate businesses of all kinds and sizes. Whether you're a budding startup in search of a cozy yet functional office space or a well-established company in need of a more expansive area, Delta Center provides a diverse range of options perfectly suited to your requirements. One of the key attractions of renting at Delta Center is its unparalleled accessibility. Positioned in close proximity to major roads and public transportation hubs, it guarantees effortless commuting for both your valued employees and esteemed clients. The building also boasts an array of amenities, including ample parking space for hassle-free arrivals, high-speed elevators for seamless vertical transport, and round-the-clock security measures ensuring a secure and convenient working environment.

At Delta Center, it is our utmost priority to foster a conducive atmosphere for your business to thrive. That's why our commercial spaces are meticulously designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, allowing tenants to effortlessly customize the layout to cater to their unique business needs. No matter the scale or nature of your enterprise, Delta Center promises to accommodate your growth and evolution seamlessly.

By choosing Delta Center as your next commercial property lease, you're embarking on a journey toward exceptional business expansion opportunities in Quezon City. Whether you're just starting out or poised for growth, Delta Center's prime location, flexible leasing options, comprehensive amenities, and attention to detail make it an ideal choice to establish and nurture your enterprise. Experience the difference with Delta Center, where every detail is meticulously crafted to empower your success.


Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Commercial Property in Addition Hills, San Juan City


How to get to Addition Hills, San Juan City?


To get to Addition Hills, San Juan City, you can choose from various modes of public transportation available. If you are traveling via the MRT (Metro Rail Transit), you can alight at Shaw Boulevard Station and proceed to take a jeepney specifically going to San Juan. On the other hand, if you are coming from EDSA, you can opt to take a bus heading towards Shaw Boulevard, and upon reaching Shaw Boulevard, you can conveniently transfer to a jeepney that is specifically bound for San Juan. These transportation options provide flexibility and convenience for commuters traveling to Addition Hills, San Juan City.


How much does it cost to operate in Addition Hills, San Juan City?


There are two commercial properties for rent in Addition Hills, San Juan. The average price for a commercial property for rent in this location is Php 900 per month. The most expensive rental for a commercial property here costs about  Php 900 while the most affordable rental price is about Php 900 per sqm.


Is Addition Hills, San Juan Safe?


San Juan, located in Metro Manila, is a vibrant and secure neighborhood. With an active police force and CCTV cameras installed, there is an added feeling of safety. Numerous restaurants, offices, and retail stores operate round the clock, creating a business-friendly and visitor-friendly environment. Moreover, public transportation is easily accessible and affordable for daily commuters.

How much is a commercial properties for rent in Addition Hills, San Juan?

In total, there are 2 commercial properties for rent in Addition Hills, San Juan. The average price for a commercial property for rent in this location is ₱900 per month. The most expensive rental for a commercial property here costs about ₱900 while the most affordable rental price is about ₱900.

You may find the most expensive and luxurious commercial properties for rent in Addition Hills, San Juan at Delta Center. While you can find classy yet affordable ones also at the same location.

These properties are fully equipped with the following amenities and unit features:

  • 24 Hour Security
  • Elevators
  • Parking Space