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Away from the Fret of the World: Shang Residences Wack-Wack


And then, in the midst of the still-encompassing dream, he felt himself master of Shangri-La. These were his beloved things, all around him, the things of that inner mind in which he lived increasingly, away from the fret of the world. His eyes strayed into the shadows and were caught by golden pinpoints sparkling in rich, undulating lacquers; and the scent of tuberose, so faint that it expired on the very brink of sensation, lured him from room to room. At last he stumbled into the courtyards and by the fringe of the pool; a full moon sailed behind Karakal.
James Hilton, Lost Horizon

Investors of the Kuok group have come to expect the same standards with every Shang property that pops up. Close proximity to the best schools, hospitals, malls, offices, and amenities. A stunning lobby and fantastic amenities. Guaranteed quality. The upcoming Shang Residences Wack-Wack will match these expectations, and – indeed – maybe even exceed them.

The property is estimated to rise in 2Q2023. Here’s a sneak peek at Ortigas’ upcoming luxury condominium.


Ortigas is Metro Manila’s 2nd most important CBD after Makati. It covers around 250 acres, and is home to many prestigious businesses, including but not withstanding the Asian Development Bank, headquarters of Jollibee Foods Corporation, Banco de Oro, and San Miguel Corporation. It also houses many retail establishments, from Henry Sy’s massive Megamall to the elegant Shangri-la Plaza – which is neighbor to EDSA Shangri-la Hotel and One Shangri-la Place. The Center for Research and Development, or the University of Asia & the Pacific, lies at the foot of the PSE Tektite Towers. The Medical City also calls Ortigas home – great news for any Ortigas-dweller, since the hospital is 1 of the 3 Philippine hospitals that is accredited by the Joint Commission on International Accreditation.

Find peace in the progress of a booming economy

Last but not least, is the Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club, whose 2 18-hole championship courses have been around since 1930. William James Shaw, entrepreneur and philanthropist, put up the golf club in honor of Larry Montes, a caddie who had won the 1929 Philippine Open Tournament. Even though Montes had won the tournament, he was asked to leave the celebration, because caddies were not allowed inside Manila Golf Club at that time. As such, Shaw put up Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club, where its landscaped gardens and beautiful villas have a distinctly welcoming air.

It is on that footprint, bordering the club and along a row of hushed high-end condominium buildings, that Shang Residences Wack-Wack will arise.

You will wake up to see the green of a club that has stood for acceptance and equality for nearly 100 years now.


Kuok properties will carefully organize the property to provide the ultimate in comfort. The idea is for residents to feel like their homes are a sanctuary in the city. 

In fact, the group points out that the real estate industry is booming right now in spite of the eruption of Taal volcano last January, and the terror surrounding the Coronavirus – investor trust is particularly (curiously) high. Many investors are starting to position themselves while the market is ripe. 
Certainly, a sanctuary in a city whose economy is booming, is an interesting investment. Business Insider recently reported that the Philippines is set to become the 5th largest economy in Asia by 2050. That means infrastructure, growth, and progress – and the need for a luxurious and quiet sanctuary in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

A spacious sanctuary in the city


Pay a quick visit to the Shang Residences showroom at the ground floor of EDSA Shangri-la Plaza in Ortigas. Take a quick look at their 1, 2, and 3-bedroom layouts, all impeccably furnished to seduce the dreamers and homemakers in all of us.

Particularly noticeable is the well-thought-out layout of each unit. Your footsteps take you from the foyer to the living areas, from each bedroom to the other, to the kitchen and the balcony. Everything seems to flow, like good energy wafting through every nook and cranny. Indeed, employing the basic principles of feng shui will not be a challenge in this sanctuary, at all.

Each unit seems to beckon positive energy and good fortune. The rooms are spacious, leaving room indeed for your imaginations to flourish. The contemporary finishes of each unit allow for much design inspiration. Your neighbor’s Asian-inspired Chinoiserie will lie comfortably against your modern rustic Americana. For what is a Shangri-la, but a utopia, a place where your dreams come to life?

Let the positive energy and good fortune follow


Typical of Kuok properties, well-considered amenities will please every member of the family. An entire floor is devoted to state-of-the-art facilities for all ages. 

  • Yoga studio
  • Gymnasium
  • Outdoor viewing deck
  • Function rooms
  • Theater
  • Kids’ area with indoor and outdoor play zone
  • Clubhouse/lounge
  • Billiards hall
  • Swimming pools for the adults and children
  • Lawn area
  • Steam and sauna rooms
The stuff of (kids’) dreams

Furthermore, parents breathe a sigh of relief – CCTV cameras will be installed at lobby elevators and on the amenities floor. Shang Properties Management Services Inc. is prepared to provide 24-hour management services, 24-hour concierge services, and 24-hour security.


“Shangri-La is a state of mind, Vinay. If you’re happy, then everything around you will be okay and in harmony. Nothing is perfect anywhere. We must find our own paradise amidst the chaos. Just the way a beautiful lotus blooms in dirty water.”
Nita Bajoria, The Leap

As the saying goes, happiness is a choice we make every day. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to find happiness in the midst of a peaceful sanctuary, a true Shangri-la, curated to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and serenity? When you’re busy building the nation and cultivating the growth of a country, coming home to peace and quiet becomes a basic necessity. A crucial part of life.

Your own personal paradise.


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