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Mitsukoshi: The Newest Mall in BGC


Bonifacio Global City has always been famous for its towering skyscrapers, green landscapes, and vibrant dining scene. One of the famous landmarks in the business district is its shopping centers which include SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio High Street, and Market Market. But it is already coming to the horizon, the country’s first Japanese-themed mall that just opened in November of 2022. The Mitsukoshi Mall is making waves because of its modern and traditional style of architecture, which is reflected in its interior design. Starting from the entrance warm light welcomes you, and the ambiance of the mall emanates class luxury from its fragrance to aesthetics. You’ll know that Mitsukoshi is on another level. This article will tour different parts of the mall that you can visit with your family and friends. 

Mitsukoshi Mall is one of the most beautifully designed shopping centers in the country. It currently has 3 floors that showcase the different sides of its identity. For someone who wants to explore the premises Basement 1, Ground Floor, and the 2nd Floor are currently operational. The 3rd one is under construction. Every floor has its theme and is mirrored by its name. The Ground Floor is Beautiful Life while the 2nd Floor is called Inspired Life. 

One of the things Mitsukoshi revolutionized is the layout of their shops. They invested in a whole new way for people to be engaged more with bounding the stores in walls. The open planning of the stores in the middle does not sacrifice the pathway of the guests who want to browse the products whether they buy them or not. 

This kind of design takes a refreshing look at how malls should look like. You are not closing your shops to people and letting them walk through, think outside of the box and just remove it entirely. So that a person who chose to look at sofas and beds on the other side can easily go to a tech shop without a wall separating the 2 of them. This kind of concept is not just confined to shops on the Ground and 2nd Floors, it is also implemented in the food courts and restaurants in Basement 1 where the Itadaki Food Court is also located. 

Some of the famous dining establishments in the area include Chibo Okonomiyaki, Ralph’s Wines and Spirits, and Kitchen by CBTL. Not to mention there are also lifestyle and hardware shops in the area such as True Value and Alessi. Do you want to resupply your stock at home with food and delights? The Mitsukoshi Fresh is also just beside True Value and just a few walks away from M Bakery. 

Now it’s time for the long-awaited stores that everyone is looking forward to. The famous one is the collaboration of Fully Booked and Kinokuniya. It is one of the biggest bookstores in the Metro with a wide selection of books from bestselling novels, comics, self-help and children’s books, to complete titles of Japanese mangas and even instructional books to learn the language. 

Roam to rows upon rows of books and get lost in the world of literature. If you are looking for an escape, this is the perfect place to find it. That’s not all Mitsukoshi has to offer, they also incorporated nature within its walls with an abundance of air-purifying plants scattered around the mall. With wooden ceilings and creatively designed shops, it truly provides a refreshing shopping experience.

Mitsukoshi is a one-of-a-kind establishment that lets you experience the beauty of Japan without leaving the country. The mall changes the urban landscape of the business district that provides residents and tourists a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life. The best part of it is the accessibility and convenience of the mall being close to residential developments, office buildings, and tourist hotspots great for families, friends, and even coworkers to chill and unwind after spending a long day at work. The background ambiance of the mall also provides a special kind of calmness and relaxation, it is truly an experience worth going to. So if you’re up for a unique shopping spree, come and visit Mitsukoshi Mall!  


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