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LRA’s eSerbisyo Portal Streamlines Access to CTC of Land Titles


The value of obtaining Certified True Copies (CTCs) of land and property titles should be emphasized more in the Philippines’ thriving real estate market. 

Historically, obtaining CTCs in the country requires numerous visits to either the Land Registration Authority or the Registry of Deeds for each city or municipality. In support of President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s digital transformation initiative and to provide better public service to the transacting public, LRA has provided a faster and more convenient way of processing CTCs with its eSerbisyo Portal. 

But why should one obtain a CTC of their land title?

Here are some reasons:

Conducting Due Diligence

Performing due diligence is essential for anyone purchasing, leasing, or selling real estate. CTCs of land titles provide definite evidence of ownership, boundary details, and encumbrances, empowering parties to reduce risks and make well-informed decisions related to property transactions. 

Forgery and fraud are common in real estate and the last thing anyone wants to purchase is a fake or fraudulent land title. Clients and other stakeholders can verify land titles efficiently and conveniently with LRA eSerbisyo, which expedites the due diligence procedure and promotes trust and transparency in real estate transactions. 

Mortgage/Loan Applications 

CTCs of land titles are often submitted when applying for mortgages or loans. Banks and other financial organizations use them to evaluate the worth and authenticity of the item mortgaged as security. The LRA eSerbisyo Portal facilitates easy access to CTCs, allowing borrowers to complete loan application requirements quickly. 

Payment of Real Property Taxes 

Property owners must pay their real property taxes on time to avoid penalties and legal issues. CTCs of land titles are used as reference documents to appropriately assess and determine the tax liabilities associated with a specific property. Additionally, local government units (LGU) need updated CTCs to apply real property taxes effectively. 

Supporting Documents for Building and Construction Permits 

Before starting their businesses or construction projects, entrepreneurs and developers should obtain various permits from LGUs alongside other documentary requirements, including a CTC of a land title. It is an essential supporting document in these applications, establishing ownership and land use rights. Applicants can quickly receive authenticated land titles through the LRA eSerbisyo, which speeds up the permit acquisition procedure and allows for the timely start of commercial or construction activity. 

Supporting Documents for Visa Applications 

Individuals seeking visas for tourism, work, or residency may be required to provide CTCs of land titles as supporting papers. These documents establish financial stability, property ownership, and ties to the Philippines, increasing visa application legitimacy. CTCs simplify the visa application procedure and increase the chances of approval. 

Crucial Role of the LRA eSerbisyo Portal

In a digital age that places the highest importance on convenience and efficiency, LRA has taken a significant step forward with LRA eSerbisyo under the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP). 

Land and property owners can now request their CTCs online from any location within the country, right in the comfort of their homes or offices. The portal’s tracking feature allows users to monitor the progress of their requests at every stage of the process, from submission to issuance of CTCs. LRA eSerbisyo also features a user-friendly design and informative visual user guides, making it easier for anyone to perform transactions in the portal.

Additionally, LRA eSerbisyo offers door-to-door delivery of CTCs. This is especially helpful for individuals residing in remote areas with limited access to government services. To learn more about the LRA and eSerbisyo, follow the LRA’s official social media accounts or visit eserbisyo.lra.gov.ph.

This article was developed as part of the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP), under the leadership of the Land Registration Authority (LRA) in collaboration with HousingInteractive. The project aims to guarantee efficient and convenient access to vital land title information nationwide.


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